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Contract Mediation

Contract Mediation 1Mediation can help fix a broken contract. Written contracts aren’t fulfilled for a variety of reasons and people end up suing each other as a result. This needn’t happen. 

Contract dispute mediation may resolve many breach of contract disputes, even after courtroom proceedings have started. Ideally, the parties will mediate matters before a costly trial begins.

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A breach of contract occurs when a party fails to fulfill their obligations without a legitimate reason. Or, when party fails to perform their contractual duties at specified time or fails to perform them at all.

Misunderstandings, simple breaches, or conflicting interpretations give rise to issues that can lead to bitter disputes. In case of a dispute, many contracts outline an alternative to court like arbitration. Mediation, though, is generally quicker and less costly than arbitration or the courts. Mediation presents an effective way of settling business disputes while keeping business relationships intact.

Some commercial contract disputes that respond well to mediation include:

  • purchase and sales agreements
  • employment contract disputes
  • IP license agreements
  • supply agreements
  • consulting agreements
  • distribution contracts
  • real estate related agreements
  • product development agreements
  • asset purchase agreements
  • non-compete agreements

Mediation is done in an environment of privacy and confidentiality. It safeguards both parties’ private interests, ensures security of confidential terms and conditions, and maintains relationships. Mediation also offers the prospect of significant savings in time and resources, letting the parties quickly return to work. Its main objective is for all parties to work out an agreement that they can trust and comply with.

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