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Wrongful Death and Catastrophic Personal Injury Mediation

Wrongful Death and Catastrophic Personal Injury 1Mediating wrongful death and catastrophic catastrophic injury cases are complicated and deal with raw emotions. Most often the parties feel pain, remorse, fears, anxiety, anger and regret. The victims frequently experience anger, loss and grief; this creates the need for retribution, revenge, respect, restitution and sometimes an apology.

There is the hope for release and resolution. Ms. Ostler maintains the position of bringing hope and a resolution to families in crisis. Dealing with personal loss is emotionally debilitating to all involved, mediation in wrongful death or catastrophic injury cases require support and guidance to deal with the emotional loss.

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Elliott Kanter & Letica Ostler have a combined 40+ years of of experience in conflict resolution, their ability to implement state of the art negotiation techniques can help you attain a successful resolution to your dispute.

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