“In the Midst of
Every Dispute Lies
a Resolution”

Leticia Ostler, Bilingual Mediator

“Our Mediation clients
often note that they feel
more empowered and in
control of the outcome
than in court.”

Elliott Kanter, Mediator

Experienced Mediation & Dispute Resolution Services

Serving All of Southern California via Remote Mediation/Video Conference

Mediation is an informal proceeding where the parties can feel comfortable to express his or her opinion without judgment. Attendees are willingly participating in the problem-solving process to resolve a dispute. Mediation is vastly different from the litigation or trial process. Litigation deals with animated emotions and presents compelling defenses. Mediation allows the parties to willingly meet, understand and brainstorm a resolution to a difficult situation. Mediation permits the conflicting parties to reach a favorable outcome for all concerned; litigation gives the authority to a judge and jury to determine the outcome.

Our job as your mediator is to find a win-win solution that both sides can feel empowered by the outcome. However, both parties will need to work together for the process to be successful. The mediation process is 80% effective when the parties are willing to listen, understand, and are inspired to reach an amicable resolution to the dispute. Keep in mind that any situation in life whether it is a discussion with a friend, family member or business partner, the platform to a persuasive argument is mutual respect.

Elliot Kanter

“As your mediator, I promise to give you all my knowledge, skills, and techniques on how to brainstorm a creative resolution. I will not quit until we have exhausted every possible course of action that enables the parties to a fair solution.”

– Elliott Kanter, Mediator

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Mock Trials and Focus Groups

Mock Trials / Focus Groups

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Elder Mediation

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Real Estate Mediation

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