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Employment Law Cases

Employment Law Cases 1Employment cases are complex and present many obstacles; they require a firm understanding of the applicable laws and one well versed in the application of mediation. Employment laws are continuously being amended or changed. This not only presents legal challenges; the emotional issues an individual face is often overwhelming.

For instance, an individual defines his/her identity through professional reputation. Individuals define their social status based on their profession and where they work. Furthermore, individuals spend more time at work than with their own family. Per Se, when an individual loses his/her job or something occurs at work; this can have an emotional and financially devastating effect on one’s family. Employers most often believe they are in the right and it is the employee who has violated their trust.

A mediator must have a clear understanding of the intricate legal, factual and emotional circumstances of the case. Ms. Ostler is a skilled mediator with a vast knowledge of employment law, she possesses the compassion and consideration to effectively assist all parties in a fair resolution in any employment dispute.

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