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Business / Commercial

Mediating a conflict within a business is not just about the bottom-line. It is about the interest of the people in the business. A business dispute is not a one size-fits- all; they are contingent on the variables of the given case, and vary from stockholder derivative suits to corporate disputes. Being a prominent business owner in San Diego, Leticia Ostler has the experience from being CEO of several companies and as a mediator in these disputes.

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Employment Law Cases

Employment cases are complex and present many obstacles; they require a firm understanding of the applicable laws and one well versed in the application of mediation. Employment laws are continuously being amended or changed. This not only presents legal challenges; the emotional issues an individual face is often overwhelming.

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Wrongful Death and Catastrophic Personal Injury

Mediating wrongful death and catastrophic catastrophic injury cases are complicated and deal with raw emotions. Most often the parties feel pain, remorse, fears, anxiety, anger and regret. The victims frequently experience anger, loss and grief; this creates the need for retribution, revenge, respect, restitution and sometimes an apology.

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Real Estate Dispute Mediation

Mediation can often be a positive option real estate disputes, including: boundary disputes, construction disputes, lease disputes and more. When is comes to helping the parties negotiate solutions a mediator’s impartiality is critical. Our goal is always to facilitate agreements while not favoring one side over another.

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IEP / School District Mediation

IEP/School District Mediation uses a mediator who provides an opportunity for parents and school administrators to discuss a dispute to amicably solve a problem without engaging in due process.  Mediation is an effective and useful method of resolving a dispute between the parents and school administrators or public agencies.

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Corporate Mediation

A corporate dispute impacts every party involved in a myriad of ways. Financial problems prompt anxiety and concern from the boardroom to the breakroom. Workplace morale suffers. Vendors worry about losing a key partner. Customers see a boat run aground. The conflict must be resolved smoothly, quickly, and favorably for all concerned. Our corporate mediation services can work with any part of a union or non-union organization, including employer, employees, and shareholders. Name the problem. We can help.

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HOA Mediation

California law requires most homeowner association conflicts to first go through a process called alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Mediation is the most cost-efficient and less adversarial choice for completing ADR. At Kanter Ostler, we competently mediate conflicts among HOA members, boards, and contractors. We want a solution that all parties can agree on now, avoiding what will only be costly, lengthy and cantankerous litigation later on.

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Aviation Mediation

Much technical know-how is needed in mediating aviation cases. We at Kanter Ostler are intimately familiar with aerospace and aviation laws, and are experienced in various types of aviation disputes, including those around aircraft disasters, product liability, aircraft buy/sell transactions, and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA )certificate actions.

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IEP Mediation

California parents have the right to receive mediation when they have a dispute regarding their child’s individualized education program (IEP). This is different from the informal dispute resolution that you may be offered by the school district, which may be a quick discussion that gives you less ideal outcomes. Mediation is the first step in the official due process in settling IEP disagreements. If you are a parent contending an IEP issue, talk to us at Kanter Ostler to know your rights and next steps.

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Contract Mediation

When there is a breach of contract or any other dispute surrounding a contract, it is possible to settle favorably without going to trial. Mediation is considered the ideal way to resolve contract disputes because it is smoother and much less expensive than litigation. Even when a lawsuit has already been brought, both parties can go through a concurrent mediation to try to resolve the case before a costly trial begins.

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Family Business Mediation

Conflicts in family businesses have an added complexity to them because of the human connections and personal histories involved. There are likely issues deeper than the actual dispute that can affect the resolution and outcome. To navigate this delicate dilemma, entrust your case only to an experienced and client-oriented mediator like us Kanter Ostler. We have decades of experience helping untangle the business and human side of family enterprise disputes.

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Family Trust Mediation

When a dispute develops around the family estate, trust, or probate, the mediator’s role isn’t simply to suggest splitting everything down the middle. We listen to both parties of the dispute and try to guide them to a sound legal resolution based on the unique circumstances of the case. Thus, you want your family mediator to be familiar with property law or probate law, and skilled in facilitating human communication between family members. This is the kind of service we provide at Kanter Ostler.

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Personal Injury Mediation

In a personal injury lawsuit, the court may order mandatory mediation before the case proceeds to trial. You can also voluntarily mediate your injury case, particularly if you want to minimize the expenses and risks associated with lawsuits. Take note, however, that the insurance company may try to use mediation to prevent you from seeking full justice for your losses. Trust only the professional mediators at Kanter Ostler to help you get a favorable outcome.

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Medical Malpractice Mediation

Medical malpractice lawsuits unfortunately offer low chances of success for those harmed by doctors or other medical providers. As many as 90 percent of malpractice claims endwithout payment to the patient, according to studies. Mediation may be your best alternative in getting a just settlement without the high costs and risks of suing a physician. We at Kanter Ostler are experienced in helping attain a fair resolution to these complex cases.

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Legal Malpractice Mediation

Were you a victim of a lawyer’s ethics violation, negligence, incompetence, conflict of interest, or intentional wrongdoing? Cases of attorney malpractice can be extremely challenging because you are trying to hold accountable someone who is proficient in the law. As mediators, we make the dispute resolution process fair and acceptable for both sides. Our method eliminates power imbalance and instead promotes mutual respect between parties.

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Sport Mediation

Both professional and amateur sports have a legal facet where conflicts may arise. Some common disputes in sports and entertainment are contracts, safety issues, intellectual property, drug testing, labor laws, antitrust, defamation, privacy rights, and more. Whether your sports dispute is high-profile or discreet, you can trust Kanter Ostler to facilitate a balanced and confidential conflict resolution.

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Business Mediation

An experienced mediator looks at a business conflict as an issue to be resolved instead of a battle to be engaged in. The mediator works to have each party embrace this outlook as well. Whether you are looking for a neutral third-party or seeking to engage an attorney who will safeguard your interests in mediation, Kanter Ostler Mediation & Dispute Resolution can help.

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Elder Mediation

There are major life transitions as seniors age that they and their families must face, such as healthcare, living arrangements, estate planning, and financial matters. These matters need addressing before a medical crisis or a legal dispute arises. Issues around elderly family members are understandably delicate to think and talk about, however, planning beforehand is crucial for the family and the seniors themselves.

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Family Law Mediation

Family law encompasses divorce, spousal support (alimony), child custody, child support, property division, and the like. These are highly delicate issues because personal relationships are at stake and a child’s future may be deeply affected. Mediation is considered ideal for such cases because it is more amicable than a trial. Choose our mediators at Kanter Ostler – we have extensive experience handling these complex cases and are sensitive to the nuanced family dynamics of our clients.

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