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Business / Commercial Dispute Mediation

Business / Commercial Dispute Mediation 1No business can avoid commercial disputes. At any time, an employee, an employer, or a partner may face a disruptive situation which could derail the smooth running of a company. Such a contentious matter can be settled amicably without litigation if the conflicting parties are willing to negotiate with the help of a third-party mediator.

Mediation isn’t just an alternative when two parties engage in conflict over business differences. It can also be a productive means of resolving internal unrest between labor and management.

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Business mediation can be more beneficial than litigation for settling a number of business-related disputes.

It is generally faster and less costly than going to court. A successful mediation leaves each party with the knowledge and the satisfaction that they participated in working out a solution. Every party in a mediation gains a better understanding of what role they play in a business and the rules and guidelines that company must follow.

Business disputes vary and so does our approach to mediating their solutions. Each client’s case is different, from stockholder derivative suits to corporate disagreements on the way forward for a company. We tailor our mediation services to accommodate every manner of dispute.

Why choose commercial mediation over litigation?

Mediation can control the result

When legal action is taken, the parties involved allow an outsider, such as an arbitrator or judge, to determine who wins and who loses, as well as the consequences. Mediation, in contrast, allows the parties to decide the result of their conflict for themselves.

Mediation costs less

Mediation is generally less costly in deciding business disputes compared with litigation. A greater number of mediations end in settlement. Parties submitting to mediation without delay have greater potential savings.

Mediation saves time

A successful mediation can be done in a matter of weeks or even days. A legal proceeding, by contrast, is lengthy and costly. Depending on a court’s schedule, a matter may take months to calendar.

Mediation is private and confidential

Mediation provides parties total privacy and confidentiality. The mediator is legally bound to keep everything in strict confidence. Litigation, on the other hand, is a matter of public record.

Mediation offers closure

The majority of mediations end in settlement. An experienced mediator views a business disagreement as a matter to be settled. Typically, in court, a party views a dispute as a battle to be won.

Most parties who submit to mediation find closure. Tension, unrest and lost productivity usually come with any business dispute. The faster the conflict is straightened out, the better it is for all parties.

Both parties must work together for the mediation process to be effective. Success is almost guaranteed when both parties are willing to listen, understand, and are encouraged to reach an amicable settlement to the dispute.

Mediation should rank high among the choices for settling business disputes. It offers parties the ability to control the result, saves time, costs less, keeps the issue private and confidential, and has a high probability of success in resolving the conflict.

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We at Kanter Ostler try to end business disagreements by helping both sides focus amicably on their issues to reach the best possible solution.

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