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Family Business Mediation

Family Business Mediation 1Conflict is inevitable in family businesses where both family and business interests must deal with so many decisions. Disagreements are viewed as temporary bumps in a company’s operation. Conflict in a family business can destroy relationships forever if they are not resolved immediately.

Resolving a dispute before it escalates can preserve personal relationships and prevent unnecessary disruptions in business. Mediation can help a family business survive and thrive.

If you are struggling with a family business issue, call Kanter Ostler Mediation today at (619) 304-2244 to discuss your case with an experienced family business mediator.

Why submit to family business mediation?

Mediation can play a constructive role in resolving family business conflicts. It can drive negative energy away from past grievances and move toward finding solutions for business challenges and preserving working relationships.

Mediation is quick, confidential, and costs less compared to other methods of resolving disputes. It is an informal process not restricted by procedure, rules of evidence, or remedy. It provides more freedom and flexibility in forming a mutually acceptable resolution to all parties. A mediated settlement has a better chance of satisfying the business dispute and the strained relationships that aggravated it.

An experienced mediator will work with the parties involved to create a resolution. Legal professionals like ex-judges and lawyers who have conflict resolution experience occasionally practice mediation for family businesses. A mediator does not decide a settlement. Instead, they help the disputing parties communicate at the mediating table and develop their own solutions in a non-adversarial setting.

Disagreement and hostilities may come up during mediation. Still, the term “non-adversarial” applies. That phrase reflects the attitude parties should take in expressing their concerns and in their suggestions to settle the dispute. A skilled mediator will keep the discussion flowing smoothly and focus the parties on crafting a solution.

Family members who do business together should consider the following precautions which might help prevent or resolve potential business disputes.

Be ready for complications

A tangle of relationships is formed when family and business mix. Get ready to face it by carefully analyzing personal interests and potential risks.

Aim for clarity

Before negotiating business matters, talk with family members about issues and challenges that may come up. Discuss in advance the rules and procedures that will apply should conflict resolution becomes necessary.

Consult a neutral third party

Business negotiations with family members may present themselves because of conflicting interests. Hiring a neutral third party such as a mediator can help ease the parties out of the deadlock. Mediators are trained in conflict management and negotiation and can help family members get to the core of the issue.

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Disputes with family members are some of the most difficult business conflicts to resolve. An experienced mediator is often the best option to resolve family business disputes and avoid reoccurrences in the future.

Let an experienced and client-oriented mediator like Kanter Ostler handle your case. We have decades of experience in resolving the business and human aspects of family business disputes.

Contact us if you need to find a solution to your family business conflict. Call Kanter Ostler Mediation & Dispute Resolution at (619) 304-2244 to discuss your case with our experienced family business mediatiors.

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