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Business Dispute Mediation Services

Business Mediation 1The mediation process tries to resolve disputed matters without going to court. A friendly and neutral third-party attempts to reconcile issues between the parties at conflict. Mediation may be confined to individual problems or it can cover an entire dispute.

Mediation fosters a low-key, informal atmosphere in which the parties can arrange an agreement without courtroom restrictions and legal procedures. Many businesses also choose to mediate due to its lower cost.

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Mediation varies greatly from a legal court proceeding. The conflicting parties willingly get together to work toward a sensible solution to disputed issues. When the parties feel comfortable in an amicable surrounding, they can forthrightly convey their opinion and readily participate in the mediation procedure for a quick resolution of a dispute.

Mediation is a required step in certain cases like real estate disputes. Whether mediation is a requirement or an optional step, it is always helpful to receive legal advice from a lawyer who specializes in mediation and dispute resolution.

Our business dispute mediation services can help

An experienced mediator looks at a business conflict as an issue to be resolved instead of a battle to be engaged in. The mediator works to have each party embrace this outlook as well. Whether you are looking for a neutral third-party or seeking to engage an attorney who will safeguard your interests in mediation, Kanter Ostler Mediation & Dispute Resolution can help.

Our firm represents clients and comprehensively practices in the area of business mediation services which include:

  • Business / Commercial
  • Employment Law Cases
  • Corporate Mediation
  • Contract Disputes
  • Real Estate Dispute Mediation
  • IEP / School District Mediation
  • Homeowner association HOA Meditation
  • Aviation Mediation
  • IEP Mediation
  • Family Business Mediation
  • Family Trust Mediation
  • Legal Malpractice Mediation
  • Sport Mediation

How will I benefit from business mediation?

In the majority of cases, mediation results in a settlement between two parties. If your mediation is successful, you are likely to end up with an agreement signed by both parties. Other mediations end successfully with a memorandum that explains what both parties have agreed to.

Mediation has a remarkable rate of success, which means that any party that chooses to mediate has a high probability of settling the dispute without difficulty or delay. The cost is usually split between the parties. This shared investment in finding a solution heightens the commitment of both parties to the process.

Mediation isn’t just an option when two businesses lock horns due to differences. It can also be an effective tool in settling internal conflicts between workforce and management.

What qualities should I look for in a business mediator?

If you find yourself locked in a dispute that cannot be resolved by a traditional negotiation, you should look for a mediator with the consent of the other party.

Look for an impartial mediator with an extensive knowledge of the law. Your mediator should be able to explain the consequences you face if you decide to take your case to court. This is one of the advantages of choosing an attorney for a mediator, especially one who has had years of experience in the field of business mediation.

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If you are involved in a business dispute but need to avoid going to court, mediation is a practical alternative to a lawsuit, employed by many, many companies.

Elliott Kanter & Letica Ostler have over 40 years of combined experience in business mediation and conflict resolution. Their skill in implementing cutting-edge mediation procedures can help in the quick and successful settlement of your dispute.

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