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Corporate Mediation

Corporate Mediation 1Corporate disputes sink workplace morale as a company’s financial problems worry employees. Sellers stress over losing a major partner while customers see a business grinding to a halt. All parties need a rapid, peaceful, and fair solution. That’s where mediation comes in.

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Unresolved corporate disputes interrupt a business, compromise its success, and threatens a company’s good will. Mediating conflicts between business associates can set problems straight, with productive relationships resuming. Corporate mediation requires psychological insights which only a trained, educated, and experienced mediator can provide.

Are corporate disputes seen as trouble or as tools for growth?

All businesses have disputes which range from hiring decisions, financial management, or whether to take a company public. Litigating is costly and often counterproductive. Adversarial court proceedings promote winning a war; mediation seeks compromise and cooperation. Corporate mediation offers solutions for small family-owned businesses as well.

We at Kanter Ostler Mediation present our problem-solving methods at the negotiating table to each party in the dispute. Our mediation techniques emphasize innovative and good-faith solutions. We want everyone to amicably agree on a decision. We want everyone to move forward.

Why should you choose corporate dispute resolution / mediation?

Mediation permits the parties to design and retain control of the proceeding at all times and, preferably, reach their own agreement in due course. Studies show that parties more often abide by their own agreements than with decisions enforced on them by a judge.

Mediation is less costly than litigation and ends the conflict sooner. It may create possibilities for renewed team spirit and even opportunities for new business.

The speed and confidentiality that mediation offers reduce the unfavorable effects of adverse publicity, emotional conflict, and financial costs. Dispute resolution also smoothens strained relationships and prevents resentment from developing in future business and personal dealings between the parties.

The conflict resolves itself when parties reach a consensus in mediation. There are no more risks, appeals, delays, or expenses to face so the parties can move on. Mediation faces the future while litigation dwells on the past. A mediated agreement has particular value to parties with an ongoing business relationship.

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Kanter Ostler Mediation can help if you think that mediation will help solve your corporate dispute. Extensive hands-on experience in mediation and dispute resolution allows us to handle corporate conflicts successfully. We can move your case forward through mediation to resolve your dispute

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