Leadership and motivation plays a vital role in the functioning process of a partnership; this is often highlighted during the resolution of a dispute.

In today’s modern society, motivation is a key component in the viability of a company’s growth and development. Motivation and leadership are intertwining concepts that constitute a dynamic division of the achievements of a partnership.

Effectiveness of leadership and motivation

The effectiveness of leadership and motivation can aid in the development of an organization and assist in avoiding serious disputes; however, poor partnership, and a lack of inspiration can deteriorate the functional process of the organization that leads to disputes within the organization affecting business performance.

Looking to psychology

Psychology illustrates the role of a functioning partnership design and emphasizes in the importance of having knowledgeable, successful, and productive members. A partnership structure and culture can create an absence in the workplace.  Partnership implementation of tactical proposals can create new opportunities and aid leaders in the resolution of disputes and cultural diversity.



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