Many high school and college seniors are experiencing something few other generations have ever faced. Graduation ceremonies, proms, senior skip day, and even just that last school lunch with friends have all been canceled due to the COVID-19 (the coronavirus) pandemic. We recognize this loss and are looking at ways to help students and their parents get through this difficult time together.

5 Students On How The Coronavirus Has Affected Senior Year
What did senior year mean to you? While most of us were happy to finally be done with high school or college, that last year still holds a lot of fond memories and important events. What’s it like to have all of those expectations stolen away? Vox spoke with 5 students to get their firsthand accounts on how the COVID-19 pandemic changed their senior year.

Dear High School Senior: You Were Robbed. It’s Unfair. You’ll Get Through This.
Not sure how to comfort your high school senior about their lost school year? This open letter from Louisiana Teacher of the Year Chris Dier may help. Dier was a senior in high school when Hurricane Katrina devastated his community. In this letter, Dier speaks of his own experience of having his senior year stolen from him and offers comfort and advice to today’s high school seniors who face an uncertain future.

How To Help Your High School Senior Cope With Having Their Year Cut Short
In the face of death and job loss, not getting to walk across a stage and collect a diploma seems like a small thing. But many high school seniors are grieving the loss of their commencement ceremony and many other rites of passage they have looked forward to for years. Here are some ways you can help your high school senior get through this difficult time.

Just For Fun: 18 Best Graduation Gifts Of 2020
You might not be able to attend the commencement ceremony or throw a big graduation party, but you can still celebrate the milestone with a great graduation gift.

Our hearts go out to all the high school and college seniors who were impacted by the pandemic. We recognize all your hard work and know you’ll overcome this hurdle and do great things in the future.

Here’s to the Class of 2020!