No one has to tell anyone that for the next several months and probably even longer the business marketplace, economy and is and will be turned upside down. This is a unique time in our history and I am sure that when everyone looks back it will be a seminal era in our country’s history.

Immediately, how does one deal with the rent, either from a landlord or tenants’ perspective. Even though in most areas evictions are now not permitted, there will come a time when money is either owed or not. How does insurance enter into the equation? How is your relationship with your tenant/landlord evolve? Or does it devolve?

What about the rest of your business relationships? How can each of you help the other to remain in business? How do you avoid contractual disputes? Everyone has to look into the future to not only ensure their business relationships remain positive, but so they actually remain at all.

Another issue is the relationship with your employees or your employer. Are you making sure that as an employer you’re following the labor code to avoid potential litigation? As an employee, is your employer following the labor code?

Before there is a dispute what can you do? After there is a dispute how do you resolve it?

Facilitation and Mediation may be way to resolve these disputes early and with limited costs to both sides of the dispute.